COVID-19 Response

We are STILL all in this together! 9 Months in. How much we have adapted and stayed hopeful. We are resilient beings. And it can be very hard. COVID brain? Feeling more tired than usual? Feel like you have no energy for self care? These can be very normal experiences at this time.

There are many resources that give us ideas on how to mitigate the impact of COVID and things like physical distancing and quarantine.

We are social connected beings. We need it to thrive. Thanks to technology we do NOT have to be non-social. We can connect online AND over the phone. Although this is not the same it can help us dramatically. I have seen this creativity online playing out in so many ways, from online parties, to online cooking classes, online visits with loved ones across the globe, online playdates...what have you been planning in your schedule to look forwards to?

Here are some some resources and really if you type in How to Survive Covid or Covid and my family you will find many links to help you. Be discerning!

How to talk to people about keeping each other safe! MEAPS

It can be challenging to talk to others and be with others in this time. Depending on where we live this may be limited by public health!

We are unique and think about things differently and assess risk differently - we may feel judged or judge others. So how do we stay kind and find out what we need to keep each other safe?

Our actions have implications for our futures. WE NEED INFORMED CONSENT AND INFORMATION, just as in intimate relationships, before we get together. MEAPS

I am still offering counselling although currently through phone or online video sessions. Many of my existing and new clients are finding this really helpful. We all have our unique experience of these strange times.

Psychological Resources during COVID-19

Technology Balance in a time of COVID-19

To try to assist people with the financial strain of this time I am offering a sliding scale starting at $75 to $120 for 50 minute individual sessions to all existing and new clients.

I hope this is helpful. Stay healthy and calm and ramp up that self care!

We are in this together!

I started a project to share our stories and portraits during these times. Feel free to check it out and read others stories - you may even wish to contribute.

Power of Portrait - We are all in this together, Vancouver