“We need to create the space and time to observe and reflect on the ways we are using our digital tools and the effects they are having on us.” – David Levy, 2016 Mindful Tech

I am passionate about developing balanced relationships with internet technology and share my knowledge through interactive presentations. This passion has come from my own wrestling with my technology use as well as watching those around me in their struggles with use – I have sought to develop my awareness and studied in depth the psychological impacts of technology use.

Through presentations at schools and business I have encouraged people in building their own awareness of their choices around technology use.  In Spring of 2018, I spoke at the National Canadian Counsellors and Psychotherapy Associations annual conference on my thesis: “Integrated Understanding of The Psychology of Pervasive Digital Internet Technology In Adolescents’ Lives as Critical to Care”.

“Congratulations to Andrea McLaren for her work in understanding the psychology of digital internet technology on adolescents”
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