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Are you having anxious thoughts, depressed mood, relationship struggles, emotional overload or low self confidence? Maybe you are experiencing loss? Maybe you are just at a stage in life where you are feeling lost?

Sometimes life can get pretty overwhelming. And often we don’t know where to start or how it started. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint where things began, perhaps you’ve have had an event that has triggered you or maybe it has been a while, or as far back as you can remember. We are sense making beings. Without understanding we can really struggle.

I believe in each person’s capacity for growth to improve their lives.  Together we can do this work. I appreciate and know how hard it can be to reach out for help.

I bring a wealth of compassion to my clients. My work is grounded in a blend of diverse theoretical study of approaches that have been proven effective and are tailored to your needs.

I have worked with a variety of people including:

  • young and older adults exploring challenges such as identity, anxiety, depression, trauma
  • seniors and their loved ones coping with issues of aging (eg, dementia)
  • adults struggling with disability and/or role changes etc.

Throughout this work I have seen the resilience of the human spirit.

I am particularly interested in approaches that explore the at the roots of what causes us emotional and/or physical pain from a perspective that includes our whole self: mind, body and soul. And if you only want skills to cope – we can work on that too.

I have a strong ethical anti-racist anti-oppression stance with respect for the uniqueness of others. I understand the importance of offering safe accepting space for clients with diverse intersectional contexts and situatedness. I am very honoured to work with my clients and value the trust they put in me. I hold a strong social justice value and strive to be an ally for marginalized people through listening and using my voice to assist with systemic change. I believe it is my responsibility to educate myself as a white woman on my biases and the impacts of systemic cultural and racial oppression while leaning into and being open to the experience of the individual.

I am committed to ongoing research,  learning and applying new skills such as training in managing anxiety, working with somatization, dream work and understanding the impacts of the greater contexts of our world (from systemic racism to climate change to the impacts of COVID). I am passionate about the use of technology in ways that enhance our well being. I also work with clients to help them reach their goals for a healthy balance of technology use in their lives. I am an avid reader and enjoy the arts as a reflection of our human experience.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to prospective clients.

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If you are in crisis and need immediate support please contact either 9-1-1 or the Crisis Line 604-872-3311.  Check out my Resource page for other useful numbers, you are NOT alone.