Therapy for Depression

Depression can suck the joy out of our lives and therapy can help us find it again.

In life we experience highs and lows. However, when the lows become too much and our general mood and outlook on life is low a counsellor can really help you.

Depression manifests differently for everyone, but there are some similarities. Do you suffer from depression? Have you seen a physician and ruled out a physical illness? Do you still experience things like:

Body Sensations

  • low energy
  • pains and aches in your body
  • sleep issues either too much or none

Mental Effects

  • loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities
  • irritability or anger
  • feelings of sadness, emptiness, fearfulness, worthlessness
  • brain fog (the inability to think about things)
  • thoughts of self harm or suicide
  • changes in appetite

Relationships Issues

  • challenges with partners around communication
  • feeling unable to connect¬†or having no desire to connect

Work challenges

  • avoiding work and colleagues
  • affecting our ability to think and therefore impacting our ability to do our work

Depression in some cases can be coupled with anxiety, which can make it feel even more overwhelming.

How can I help?

There are so many contributing factors to depression. It can run in families, be due to chronic or acute health conditions, be a result of medication, and can also be a symptom of our challenges with our life. And you do not have to suffer alone. There are paths by which you can improve your life. My work is trauma informed, inclusive and respectful of all people.

I will work with you to help you cope and we can dive deeper to explore what might be contributing or exasperating your depressed mood, while honouring all you do and have done to take care of yourself.

If your depression is longstanding it can feel hopeless. We will work together to problem solve.

You can do it!

I really appreciate and know the courage and energy to take steps to get help when you are depressed. When getting out of bed in the morning and basic self care is a chore or even if we just feel like life has a dullness and we are still functional, there are things we can do. Something in you, maybe a little hope or maybe desperation have started to already on a path to recovery. Things can improve.  Together we can harness your true self's energy to improve your experience.