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Hi. I am glad you have taken the first step to reach out to me today.

Small or big challenges




Understanding yourself or others

Improving relationships

Life transitions.

My work meets you where you are at.



I look forward to seeing if I can assist. I understand that, for some, seeking counselling can be a challenging thing.

And it is about finding a good fit with a counsellor. You want a counsellor that you feel safe to share with and who is focused on meeting your needs and wants for counselling.

I bring:

  • a wealth of compassion
  • an ability to quickly put my clients at ease in connection with me
  • a very strong ethical, anti-racist, anti-oppressive stance that accepts and honours all individual's life contexts, I am LGBTQIA2S+ affirming.
  • personal and professional experience with the positive impact of a connected compassionate trusted counsellor client relationship
  • a diverse theoretical and practical grounding in counselling psychology and a commitment to ongoing learning

Please connect for a chat. Let's get to know each other and see if me and my services are a fit for you. There is no obligation to book with me and if you would like I can help you with other options.

If you would like to just go ahead and book a full session (maybe you have had counselling before or just want to get going), we can do that too. Feel free to call me at (778) 769-3986 or use one of the links below to book.

I look forward to connecting.